Sassan Saatchi

Sassan Saatchi is a Senior Research Scientist at the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystem Group of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and maintains a joint appointment as an adjunct professor at the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability. He has spent the last three decades developing new techniques for understanding, quantifying, and monitoring changes of global forests and their carbon content.  He has served in different scientific and leadership roles on projects including development of NASA’s airborne and satellite radar and lidar missions, large scale field campaigns in temperate, boreal, and tropical ecosystems, national and global carbon monitoring systems, and interdisciplinary science and applications initiatives in areas of tropical forest ecology and biodiversity.  He is currently Principal Investigator on NASA’s Carbon Monitoring System (CMS), NASA’s Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS), Surface Topography and Vegetation Structure Information System (STV-FIS), and the science team member of NASA’s NISAR and European Space Agency’s BIOMASS missions.

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